About company TeleTec

TeleTec is leading AMI/AMM and Smart Lighting solutions Developer and Manufacturer in Ukraine and the CIS. The company is in the TOP 10 manufacturers of Smart grid equipment among the CIS countries and takes 2-nd place among manufacturers of Smart metering in Ukraine.

The main products of the company are LoRaWAN retrofit radio modules for gas, water and heat meters, which allow remote reading of consumption readings, as well as smart multi-tariff electricity meters MTX and smart LED lamps for Street lighting. All products are developed by our own design office, manufactured and completed at two production facilities of TeleTec.

TeleTec is part of the International Group of Companies – Infomir, whose products are represented in more than 140 countries around the world, such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, etc.

TeleTec provides the development, production and technical support Matrix AMM – Smart Energy Metering System. Matrix AMM — modern turn-key solution for power,  data collection, integration, consolidation, aggregation and archiving.

Matrix AMM is easily scalable solution available both for small-scale project and to regional distribution utility. Matrix AMM is the way to flexible and socially responsible consumer-utility interaction.

The Matrix AMM system consists of software and hardware that provide the implementation of a system of accounting, collection, processing and control of data, which allows for a flexible, friendly, social approach for business and an open system of interaction between the subscriber-utility.


Our product categories

Multi-tariff smart meters MTX with LoRaWAN, PLC, TWI, CSD/GPRS modules for remote transmission, control and management of data, construction and integration into AMI/AMM. Smart meters MTX allow you to measure the consumption of active and reactive electricity in AC networks with a nominal voltage of 220 V and automatic transmission of readings to the supplier.