Matrix AMM is a modern solution for collecting, integrating, aggregating and consolidating data on electricity consumption. Matrix AMM allows you to efficiently receive and process data from a large volume of meters of household, utility and industrial subscribers.

The Matrix AMM system consists of software and hardware parts that ensure the implementation of a system of accounting, collection, processing and control of data, which allows implementing a flexible, friendly approach for business and an open system of interaction between the subscriber and the energy company.

Matrix AMM benefits:

  • Include required software & hardware set for fast start AMM turn-key system
  • Support all interfaces (GSM/GPRS,  PLC,  TWI,  LoRaWan)
  • DLMS/COSEM protocols support
  • Automatic Metering Data collection and management
  • Metering Data analysis and reporting
  • AMM hardware interactivity in soft online mode
  • AMM hardware remote configuration and update
  • Cloud service & SMS-messaging functionality
  • Scalable solution
  • Free open-source software using
  • Work with widely-spread OS & Browsers
  • User-friendly Data export/import configuration
  • Flexible & user-friendly web-interface
  • Scheduled Data Base archiving and backup
  • Secure DB access
  • Safety and verified data collect (AES128)

Matrix AMM installation provides:

  • Automatic scheduled balance reporting
  • Localization of unauthorized consumption
  • Metering Data collection cost’s reduction
  • Consumer load switch-off function for payments improvements
  • Automatic scheduled consumer’s consumption data export to ERP/CRM/Billing
  • TOU (TOD ) functionality
  • ERM (DSM ) functionality

Matrix AMM – Smart Energy Metering System